Mini Road Trip - Logan Utah

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Yes! James and I finally took a bit of time out of our busy schedules to take a trip down to Logan to go to the Temple! It has been ages since we had been and it was nice to get out and relax. Besides going to the temple went out to dinner and enjoyed a little bit of shopping to the stores we don't have near us in Idaho. It was nice to take a break and to get out of the house! Hallelujah.

One of the best parts (besides the Temple of course ...) was seeing that the Starbucks in Logan had brought back my all time favorite frappe for a limited time! My brother introduced me to the blueberry frappe about 10 years ago and I only had it once and wasn't able to find it anywhere anymore. It was the best day ever! It is seriously my favorite. YUM! If yours brought it back you need to try it!

 On our way home from Logan we finally stopped at one of the many historical sites. Every time we drove by this landmark we always talked about stopping but never did. Of course the day we decided to stop it was rainy and super windy. BRR! But it was nice to hike up the side of a hill and look over Red Rock (that's what it's called) and read up on the history about it. This area in the picture used to be a huge lake that fed into the snake river! WHAT! Crazy.

Like I said ... it was super cold and windy. Ha ha! Yes, not the most flattering picture ever but I was FREEZING and this really nice lady offered to take one for us since we took a picture for her and her family. 

It was nice to have a more relaxed week last week. It was spring break here so I didn't have to work! WOO, I was able to relax and get a lot done so that way when James had his days off we could spend some time together and actually do something fun other then yard work, packing or cleaning ha.

What did you do last week? We'd love to hear all about your adventures! Leave a comment below.

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