Busy Little Bees

Wowza! James and I have been super busy these last few weeks. From going down to Utah and trying to get our home fixed up and pretty on the outside. We have felt like we have been running around with our heads falling off ha! It also doesn't help that James and I both have recently been sick. YUCK! But hopefully things will slow down a bit .. especially now that (maybe) the weather is looking more positive and warm. Hope we don't have anymore snow ha ha WHAT THE HECK!

The beginning of the month James brother Brandon finally married his sweet wife Carly! It was a beautiful sealing in the Provo, Utah temple. They are perfect for each other. Look how happy they look! We are so excited to have Carly be apart of our family now.

Their wedding day was beautiful! It matched the wonderful dresses and ties that Carly picked out! I can't wait to see their wedding pictures and to have one hanging in our home with all of the family! WOO!

When we have had a few minutes to relax you can find James and Miss Maggie relaxing in Grandpa and Grandmas hammock. Yes, Maggie loves the hammock it is pretty funny! She is such a cute pup and we are so lucky to have her. 

With James and I being sick our animals sure have noticed. They have been cuddling us like crazy. Especially our non cuddly kitty Ollie Popsicle. 

And then we have our super cuddly Maggie puppy. She really is one of the best dogs ever. So loving. In fact .. she is cuddling me right now as I write this blog post ha ha. 

James and I LOVE pizza so it is no shocker that our new favorite snack or meal has been homemade bagel bites! They are so easy to make and delicious! Better than buying the frozen ones. Plus we can add fresh toppings and make them just how we like them. If you want a recipe let me know in the comments below!

We thought Spring had finally hit .. so we decided to plant our flowerbed and pots. Only to have a hard frost hit! Thankfully I brought the pots inside and the flowerbed was protected because everything for the most part survived! And now our pots are in full bloom and look so full and pretty. In a coming up blog post I will post an updated picture of everything!

And lastly, James and I finally did something touristy in Idaho that we have wanted to do since we first moved up here. We visited the Museum of Clean! Which is owned and run by my employer! So that was pretty neat-o. Not everyday you get to say that you went to your works museum.

It was a lot of fun and very interesting. We are hoping to go back soon and hopefully will be able to take the nieces and nephew because we know they would have a ball and find it so interesting! If you are ever in the Pocatello, Idaho area make sure to stop by this awesome museum you won't regret it.

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