April Showers Bring ... {Problems?}

Well, here I am again ... playing catch up! Let's get started right away because so much has happened lately! James and I have been super busy with traveling down to Utah a bunch, fixing some problems with our home and much more! 

If you read my post called Playing Catch Up you might know that The Mr. and I were having some problems with our septic system. Well, GOOD NEWS! We finally got it fixed the first of this month. Thanks to our wonderful friend and awesome Grandfather we were able to get it fixed very affordable! It is so lovely not having the stress of that over our heads. 

The day before they came to fix our septic system, they came to check things out. They opened it up looked in and made a plan. Shortly after they left I went outside and noticed Ollie Popsicle sitting on top of the cover. He looked so cute I had to snap a picture. (And apparently he likes the smell of poop ...)  

 Anyways, back to how they fixed it. Clearly you can see they had to dig a HUGE hole! My poor flowerbed and grass. Well, while digging they accidentally broke the waterline. Oops! Thankfully by doing so it was a HUGE blessing. So we got that replaced as well as our piping for our septic. 

So how was it fixed? Well, whoever put it in put it in backwards. Which ended up being okay. But they had my washing machine just going to the drain which couldn't hold all the water. So what they did was make it so my washer is hooked up to my septic. So they had to do a lot of work from the inside too. As you can see from the pictures. They also  redid all the piping on the outside too. (Bottom picture.) Thankfully it works like a gem now! It is awesome. Grateful for such awesome people in my life who are always there to help us in a pinch.

 We got our very first "farm" animal! We got ourselves three chickens. They are darling. We are thinking one might actually be a rooster which would be awesome! We have a few names picked out but we want to wait and see who is who for sure. I love the fact that they have little fuzzy feathered feet. It is adorable! 

James aunt and her family came to visit for their Spring break! It was a week packed full of fun things and a lot of new things to try. One of the first things we did together was we went to a restaurant in Pocatello called Buddy's. It is an Italian place with some of the most delicious food ever! And their salad dressing is to die for. James and I will for sure be going back (well, James will be going for the first time ..) 

After we ate we met James at the fun place to play some lazer tag, mini golf and of course hit up the arcade. It was so much fun and that was probably the best workout ever. Man lazer tag makes you worn out ha ha. 

One of the nights James aunt made a delicious Moroccan dish! It was a lot of fun to try something new. And of course we tried eating the Moroccan way! Which is eating with your hands. Now that is fun. Thanks Heidi for such yummy food! Oh and of course the great company. 

James and I headed down to Utah after such a busy week with James aunt. But it was well worth it. We got to see this lil' cutie! We attended her baby blessing. My brother did such a wonderful job! I sure do love my niece she is pretty darn cute. I love going down to Utah and being surrounded by my family especially the nieces and nephew! 

Once we got back from Utah it was time for the animals to have their yearly check-up and shots! They all were pretty bummed out about their future. I mean look at their faces. Needless to say, the cats were pretty darn mad at me! Miss Maggie lucked out though. She wasn't due yet for her shots. Lucky dog! 

And lastly! Yesterday was Easter! So Happy [late] Easter to you all! We had a wonderful time spending time with family and each other. Of course the bunny visited Maggie and brought her some new tennis balls. She LOVES them! She was so excited so we decided to take them outside and play a little fetch and enjoy the sun and warm weather. Good thing we did ... because it is poring rain today! 

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