New Year, New Car?

Well it happened. James and I are moving up in the adult world. Haha! We always knew we would like to get a smaller SUV someday but we didn't know when. And it sort of happened quicker than we thought too! But when you have a buyer for the car you will be saying you don't say no and you go with the flow! Eh? It also worked out because of how CRAZY this winter has been here in Idaho! It makes James and I feel much safer (especially me when he drives to work..) 

When we first started our search we thought that we knew what we wanted which was a Kia Sportage. Well we found one we really liked but decided to look at other options. So we went to the Hyundai dealership and started looking around. We had never thought about a Hyundai Tuscon before but we decided to give it a test drive. And well as you can tell we loved it enough that we ended up with this bad boy! ha ha!

So far it has been a GREAT choice and has kept us safe! We have had it now for about a month and we sure do love this car... and now I can joke that I have a "mom" car. Haha. Here's to adulting again.

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