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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! Since today is love day I thought it would be fun to do a little get to know me quiz and answer some random questions that I found on the internet so you all can get to know me better! Hope you enjoy! I would love to see YOUR answers to these questions so leave a comment below. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our blog so you never miss an update! (Subscribe to the left via email or through google!) As always, thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy The Mr. & The Mrs. Blog!
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What’s my favorite season?
Hmm, I have two favorite seasons. First off I really love Spring. I love the flowers that bloom, the green grass and the warmer but cooler air! I also love the rain, it smells so yummy and makes everything so pretty! I also really enjoy Fall! The falling leaves, the tree's changing colors, cooler jacket weather and the beginning of all the fun holidays! 

What’s the one city I’d move to if I was to move somewhere else?
Vancouver Washington! It is seriously so gorgeous there. It has the perfect weather. Besides it is close to my best friend and it is also really close to family! I would also probably move to Port Townsend! I guess if anything I would probably move anywhere in Washington. I really like it there. Love all the green and I am a huge fan of rain so.. yeah. 

Would I rather spend time by the lake, or ocean? 
Well, to tell you the truth.. the ocean scares me a little bit. But it is gorgeous! So if I am not necessarily swimming in it but by it I would have to say the ocean! Especially in Hawaii or California! 

What’s my favorite TV show of all time? 
Ha! I love trash TV.. so of course my favorite TV show of all time is The Jersey Shore. I am not ashamed. I think that show is hilarious and yes, I do own all of the seasons. Again, I am not ashamed.

What comforts me when I’m sad?
My animals! I love them all so much and they know when I am feeling down and come and cuddle me. It makes me so happy! 

What can you do to perk me up on a day when I’m feeling down?
Give me a hug and tell me that you love me. OR take me on a drive to who know where. 

What’s my favorite book(s)?
To Kill A Mocking Bird OR The Great Gatsby.

What’s my favorite movie(s)?
Grease!!! Or Cinderella! Two classics. 

What are my favorite foods?
Potato Anything.. Guess I fit in, in Idaho!

When’s my birthday?
March 4th. 

What are three of my pet peeves? 
Dogs licking themselves, the fact that I bite my nails and when the shampoo bottle is turned to the left too far. 

Do I prefer plays or musical? 
Musicals!! I absolutely love Jersey Boys! So there you have it. I LOVE Broadway! 

What’s my number one career goal? 
To grow my blog and share more about mine and James life, more recipes, crafts, you know the goods. I would love to be a "big time" blogger one of these days. I really enjoy it! 

What are three things that make me smile?
My Family & Friends, my animals and The Sims. 

Ta-Da! Now you all know a little bit more about me! Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day. As always, thanks for stopping by and again don't forget to subscribe!

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