Snow Day!

Today has been nuts! The snow keeps falling and it is getting worse and worse but still so much fun. Snow is SOO pretty and very needed. Needless to say, James and I chose the right year to plant grass. Ha ha! 

I love seeing the snow sitting on all the tree's it is super pretty! Look how much is sitting on there! It is nuts!

I shoveled this when I first got up this morning around 8:00 AM and it is completely covered again! I should of taken another picture of it. I can't believe how much snow is falling!! It is intense! 

Remember my cute porch Christmas decorations? Well one penguin is completely covered and disappeared in the snow along with my cute pillows ha ha!

Miss Maggie girl has way been enjoying all the snow! She loves to run around in it (more hop around) and of course eat it! She is having the best day ever ha ha. Isn't she so cute?! I love that all you can  basically see is her head! HA! She loves it.
(PS. ignore my annoying voice in this video ha ha!)

This is super fun but also very scary! If you are in this crazy storm that is hitting all over please stay warm and safe. Let me know in the comments below how much snow you have gotten! As always don't forget to subscribe to the blog to the left (email or google) AND don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can find it here!

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