Throwing IT back twice...

Today's Throwback Thursday is actually going to be another throwback from my blog! These pictures are still hilarious! I kind of miss these days and my old room.. but only kinda! And yes.. it is another post that involves my best friend.. that's basically ALL that blog consisted of was our adventures ha ha! Enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment below!! 


I love that moment when you're looking for something and you can't find it and instead you find something else. Like today.. I was looking for something very important and I couldn't find it but at the bottom of my drawer was a memory card.. What? I put it into my computer and the adventure began. It was funny to look back at all the pictures and the memories. I'd like to share a few of those pictures with you now. Enjoy a little peek into my life. :)
XO- Chelsey
I don't have much to say about this except this is my typical day.. in my room.. making weird faces. ha ha!

Gotta love my best friend for decorating my car with me for my birthday because I wanted to feel special.

Yep, one of those moments when I love my dog Toby.

ha ha ha ha! I have no idea!

Rockin' the shades right? This is how Bina and I do while waiting for some music thing?

HA! This has a story behind it.

So does this.. I lost my gold ball in the water.. oops!

ha ha! I love her.

I think we missed.. okay after we took this we realized my camera was zoomed in!

Of course I'd have this.. the moon means a lot to me!

ha ha! Like I said.. when we wait for things we take pictures and act like nerdos.

Just driving after a long day at the nasty lake.

Don't kill me Bina..! hahah 

Oh swimming adventures.. pretty sure this is the day we attempted to hit on some dude with a kid.. 

Me and my mom like to do sack races.. yep!

Awe, my prince charming! ;) This is a joke.

And the real question is.. why do I have a picture of this?! I don't have half those shirts anymore.. :( Miss them!

AND there you have it! ha ha! Sure do hope you enjoyed today's Throwback Thursday!! 

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  1. Hahahahahahahahahha. Wow! These are so old! But I love them just the same!