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When you first walk into our kitchen you are greeted by our new sign! We got it this year on Black Friday. Thanks James for spoiling me. Ha ha! It is just so cute and sparkly boy do I love sparkles!

Next you will see our mail holder where I have hung a Santa clock my mom gave me this year and a couple of Mary's art work! 

Of course.. the fridge HAS to be decorated too! There are a few Christmas cards that we have received and again those stickers. I got my Christmas aprons from Seagull Book and the oven mitt holds our scissors. The stocking is one that my cute Nephew made me this year! On top of the fridge is our awesome gingerbread village that we made a few days ago!

If you know this family then you know we love cola! So it is fitting to have Santa coke.. ha ha! Again thanks mom for all the decorations you no longer wanted. 

For the kitchen I just got $1.00 soap and it smells sooo yummy! Mmm gingerbread cookies!

There is our cute snowman cookie jar that is not filled with any cookies.. BUT it is filled with mints ha ha! So if you come to visit don't be disappointed when you open it and don't find any cookies. 

Then on our stove I have some empty salt and pepper shakers and a trivet that I made awhile back with my mommy!

We have a cinnamon candle lit.. mm smells so yummy! The pop out wood nativity is one that James grandfather made for us! It is so pretty and I love it!

Why yes, we do have a cowboy Santa.. because why not?! And yes.. we would have a hot cocoa sign. I mean it is one of my favorite things in the world! So yeah!

And lastly.. here is our buffet! A small hot cocoa station to the left.. some candy on a snowman dish and just some random decorations! 

Here you will find not very much! Of course our Greg Olsen calendar with one of my most favorite paintings of his! It is beautiful! The small wreath above it one I made and it is basically there to cover up a nail that I left in the wall from our normal decoration that is there ha ha! 

And the last thing you will find in our very small hallway is our Christmas village that I got when we first got married at a yardsale for only $10!! What a steal. I love it and it looks so cute in our little nook above our stairs. Thanks hubs for always helping me put this bad boy up!

There be our dining room! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! Why yes.. I did make that banner. Ha ha!

I decided this year to place a nativity seen in these nicer frames that normally hold our Living Christ and our Family Proclamation. I think it looks soo pretty!

This is my favorite part about our dining room! I love these shelves and especially decorating them! And yes.. again my house is decorated with a lot of Mary's work. Ha ha!

And again just added some pretty printables in these frames! Some of our favorite songs. What's your favorite Christmas song?

And the Mr. has the best wife ever.. who made him a BYU tree with help from the leftovers that his mom, siblings and I think grandma made when his brother had this tree for a little bit. Fun fact.. this was our very first Christmas tree minus the BYU stuff! And indeed we do have a BYU snoopy!! ha!

This is James Africa table.. that his aunt gave him! But right now it is holding our Christmas decorations. Whew.. good thing I had a spot for some of these bigger items and our way cute snowman nativity. 

Oh hey there is the rest of the cards we have received so far.. besides the ones I got today because I haven't had the time to put them up yet! Thank you to everyone who has sent us a card we love them! 

And the last thing is our kitchen table center piece! Our napkin holder with salt and pepper shakers that are filled ha! And our cute Santa butter dish I got this year! It is simple but it works.

AND THERE YOU GO! Once again we sure hope you have enjoyed the Christmas tour of our home! We would love to see yours so make sure and leave a comment! Merry Christmas everyone!!

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