Throwback Thursday (a day early..)

Well, I am posting today for "throwback Thursday" since tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!! Woo-hoo! Yummy food and spending time with family. Best. Day. Ever. Ha! I sure hope you enjoy today's old blog post (from a previous blog..) Have a very Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with family and friends and the delicious food. 


This post is going to have two stories.. one about how my best friend is a good friend and another on how I'm an even better friend.. so let's get this party started shall we?
Story #1:
As many of you know my best friend is Bina. We've been friends for 17 years.. way to long right? ha ha Okay that was mean, I'm totally kidding. Before I continue this story I should fill you all in.. I DO NOT USE MY CAR HORN FOR ANY REASON. (I don't know why.. I just don't.) Now on to the story. (: One day Bina and I were driving down a very busy road, we were laughing, and talking.. because that's what we do, when all of the sudden some jerk face cuts me off almost hitting my car.. so I slammed on my breaks and Bina looked at me with a shock and just reached over me and honked my horn... we then received a pleasant gesture you know the signal for bird. We started laughing and Bina asks, "Why didn't you honk your horn?! We could of died!" I replied, "Because..... I don't have a reason." So from then on Bina has always been on alert to use my horn. (: For example one time we were waiting to order our food when a giant truck started to back up into my car.. and it didn't stop it just kept going.. I just starred out my window like whoa dude what the h e double hockey sticks are you doing?! While Bina and some others were in the background yelling, "HONK YOUR HORN, HONK YOUR HORN!" All the sudden I feel this hand reach over me.. and who was it? Bina honking my horn.. a little too late though.. BAM.. he ran into my car.. my side.. ha ha. He felt like an idiot once he got out of his car.. but little did he know, it wasn't me that honked my horn. Oh what a good friend that Bina is.
Story #2
One day while Bina and I were out running errands, we soon realized that we were being followed at the store by some creepo wearing a long drench coat with his hood pulled up and his hands in his pockets.. so we decided to hurry and gather our things and check out... so we did so and got in my car and drove away and went to the next store. While walking out of the store I looked up and saw the creep out of the corner of my eye, so I turned to make sure and realized that yep it was him.. so my instinct was to RRUUUNNNNN! So therefore, I took off running to my car, hopped in and locked the doors.. leaving Bina in the dust.. even though I heard her start to say, "Chels..why are you......" I believe she was starting to say running but I was far to quick. Next thing I notice is Bina at my passenger door yelling, "UNLOCK THE DOOOOOOR!" So I did.. oh what a beautiful glare that I got.. I believe she said something around the lines of, "You whore! You just left me out there on my own to DIE!" My reply, "Sorry." Ever since then Bina has made sure to stick with me when we're leaving stores.. to always pay attention and most importantly to NEVER trust me with her life. (: See, I'm such a good friend.. I was just teaching her a lesson or something like that. Doesn't this make you want to become my friend?

Ha ha, I thought this post was hilarious.. Sabrina and I are still best friends don't worry.. and she hasn't died with me yet... (catch onto the yet..) Love you boo! 
I sure hope you all enjoyed this goofy story! Have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving all! 

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  1. Lol it sounds so promising. I am lucky to call you my best friend ❤