How To Make Some Extra Money For Christmas!!

Some of you may know that this year I decided I was really going to try my hardest to bring in some money! I did A LOT of research and found a ton of new ways to bring in money OR completely FREE products! So I thought that it might would be fun to share with you my tips and tricks. Before we get started with the real reason you're here.. ha ha! I would like to start out with a HUGE tip. Make a "junk" email (I used gmail) so that you aren't getting a billion emails to your normal email. This is great for the survey sites and for the freebies you will be requesting. 

First things first, I started doing a lot more surveys for companies. Since I got married I started doing surveys but I didn't do it too seriously, I would make some money here and there but not regularly. In January I found some of the BEST survey sites out there. For each of these when you "cash-out" there are a few different ways you can do so. Some you get your reward aka money through gift cards. (Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, ETC)  Now when doing surveys you have to Redeemer that in order to "make money" you are going to have to put in some time. I set aside each day to do about an hour of surveys OR I would save them all up and then set aside one day where I did nothing but the surveys that day. I can tell you that this year by doing this I have made well over $500.00 and I was able to completely buy Christmas for James, his family and my family. Along with also being able to buy birthday gifts for everyone. This has helped James and I out A LOT because it left us money to save, go on dates, visit our families more often and do the things we want to do without the extra stress. Also by doing this if we wanted something from online (I mostly cashed out with Amazon gift cards) we had the "funds" to do so thankfully to the gift cards.
The BEST survey sites I have found are

Crowdtap: http://crowdtap.com/ (YOU CAN ALSO GET FREE SAMPLES!)
My Survey: www.mysurvey.com

Secondly, I decided that I wanted to reverie more free things in the mail. So once again I did my research and found some of the best ways to get free things. I personally follow four different "freebies" groups on Facebook that will alert me to free samples (full sized and sample size) so that I can be on top of it. I also joined a survey site that will also open up missions for you to receive samples again full sized and sample size. I also joined a few other companies and I continued to stick with the few I was already doing. This has also helped out our family with gifts or for our blog for some fun giveaways. And I mean who doesn't love getting mail?! I do have to say that once you start it does take about 4-8 weeks to receive your first sample BUT if you are requesting stuff everyday eventually you should be receiving something in your mail box about everyday if not everyday! 
Follow these awesome sites and join these awesome companies to recieve completely free stuff to YOUR mailbox
If you'd like to see the free things I have recieved make sure to check out my YouTube channel & Subscribe! The Mr. & The Mrs. YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMXTrEJ9Pjn399Z81uppmRQ

Facebook Groups:
Comapnies to join for free things:
Amazon Review Trader: https://www.amzreviewtrader.com/
DailyGoodieBox: https://dailygoodiebox.com/

And lastly I have found since I was receiving gift cards as my cash out that it would be a good time to check out some money back sites. These are where you shop through them and they give you back a percentage of money back! The best site I have found for this personally is TopCashBack! They offer the most bank for your buck! And they are all the time doing these awesome games where you can earn FREE money or FREE things! I have gotten from them FOUR FREE MOVIES! My recent FREE movie was Finding Dory! So this site is awesome and completely free to join! They also currently have a game going on where you can earn some money. 
Get money back for online shopping!

There you go! My tips for getting extra money for Christmas and how to get FREE things! Hope you enjoyed this post. If you did make sure to leave a comment below and subscribe to the blog to the right. (you can follow by google or by email!) Also let me know if you would like more posts like this! Thanks for all your love and support!

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