Mini Vacation Woo-hoo!

While down celebrating my Grandma's 80th birthday we also made it a fun mini family vacation! We packed it full of fun adventures!

My brother and his wife, James, and my cousins all went on a hike while my sister and her family went to explore glitter mountain which left myself, mom and dad behind. My mom and I decided to head over to my grandmas house to visit while we waited for everyone else to get back. I absolutely love being in my grandmas house. The picture above is of her craft room isn't it so cute?

After everyone got back we headed off to a watering hole that was up a mountain. We were all excited to explore a new place and go for a nice dip in the water!

Well... needless to say.. the comments and the information we had on the place was pretty false and we weren't able to make it up unless we wanted to break our cars. It was a pretty scary ride up and I am glad we finally decided to turn around ha ha.

So we went back and just went for a dip in the condos pool! It was nice. And of course.. I got a piggy back ride from my cute niece Nico. They think it's pretty neat that they can pick me up in the water.

On the last day we said goodbye to everyone and went our separate ways. But before we headed home we stopped by the St. George LDS temple so I could snap some pictures. You can view the others here

It was hard to say goodbye to all the family but we were so lucky to have such a wonderful time with them. I love them all very much!!

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