Grandma Turns 80!

Over Labor Day weekend my entire family headed down, up and towards St. George, Utah to go and celebrate a special lady. My Grandma and best friend turns 80 this month!! Needless to say.. I hope I age like she does because she does NOT look 80. (even others have told me this..) I love my grandmother very much and I am so glad that we were able to go down and be with her and the rest of my family. 

Meet my Grandma Jean! (When I was younger I always wanted my name to be Jean instead of Lynne.. but, it never happened.) Isn't she so pretty? As soon as she arrived to her party my mom decked her out with a fancy birthday headband and lovely blue birthday necklaces that matched very well with her outfit! 

I was in charge of making a birthday banner (thank goodness for cutting machines..) and after we put up the things my sister and mother brought my sister in law (Crystal) and I decided they didn't have enough decorations and went and bought some balloons. streamers and whatever else we could get our hands on. We thought you only get ONE 80th birthday party right? 

After getting to our place where we were staying for the weekend we realized the ceilings were a lot taller than we were expecting so we had to figure out new ways to decorate. Good job mom on the dental floss. Ha! After we got it all decked out we were ready to...

PARTY!! Miss Nico was being silly and wanted her picture taken while I was going around taking pictures of the decorations ha ha. She is so cute, sure do love my niece! 

Once everyone arrived including the guest of honor we quickly took a bunch of pictures of everyone with grammy! (You'll see why in a little bit..) 

Meet my family! (from left to right..) Uncle Vince, Uncle Jim, My mom Tammy, Grandma Jean, *birthday girl!* Grandpa Jerry and my Uncle Eric! This was the first time in a really, really long time that my grandma and her kids were all in the same room! So it was pretty darn neat.

AND meet some more of my family.. (again left from right..) Cousin Isaac, Sister Whitney, Grandma Jean, *birthday girl!* Cousin Jeppa, Me..Chelsey and my my Brother Phillip. We don't all get together very much is it is always nice when we are together in one room! It was so lovely.

After pictures the kiddos with the help of Isaac, Jeppa and her husband Eli put on some awesome shows for Grandma. They were hilarious and very well thought. So much fun!

After the shows there was a special performance by my niece Chloe, Jeppa and Eli. They wrote and performed a lovely song all about my Grandma! They did a wonderful job and I wish I had a recording of the song. It was very cute. And boy does Chloe got some guts!! She did so well.

After the shows and song it was time for gifts! Remember when I said we could get to why we took a billion and a half pictures? Well, truly after the shows everyone visited for a little bit and me and my sister hurried and sneaked off to Walmart to pick up all of the pictures that we had previously took and sent there so we could hurry and paste them into a book of memories that my sister had put together for my grandma! It was so special. My sister gave it t her first and she read all of the memories from everyone which was such a delight. After that is was time for all the fun gifts and then...

CAKE AND ICE CREAM! We purchased the cake from Costco and boy was it delicious. Isn't is such a pretty cake too? Hope you liked it grandma!

We sang a quick song (no joke) of Happy Birthday and then grandma made a wish and blew out the candles! This party was such a lovely time but it was kind of tiring too.. good thing after all was done we had plenty of time to relax and go swimming of course. But before swimming the kiddos of course had to..

Play hot balloon... and

make them into Minnie and Mickey Mouse! And the best part.. on the other side it could be something totally different. I loved seeing these kiddos imaginations! (PS. That is my cousin Jeppa's daughter and my niece Nico!)

James and I were very lucky to be able to go and spend some time with my grandma and rest of my family! I love my family very much and family time is so special to me. We are very blessed with so many wonderful family members. Love you all and miss you already!! 

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