Hello Otis & Yummy Food!

**Catching up... AGAIN!**
A awhile back Mr. Otis came back for a visit. This time he stayed for about a month!! It was so much fun to have him around.. but boy is he a handful! I sure do love my little brother.. ha ha!

He found the perfect spot to lay in the car while we were traveling around everywhere. It worked out though because he was out of the way and relaxing ha! Isn't he so cute?

Back in the day when my doggy Toby was alive I used to take him out back and swing with him.. I'm pretty sure he didn't like it but he just put up with me. He was such a good boy. Well, I decided to recreate some memories so we headed to the park and I took Otis on a nice little swing. He actually didn't mind it to much but after a few swings he was done ha ha.

My good friend Judy took me to a local Thai Food restaurant. Oh my! It was my first time giving this food a whirl and it was delcious! I am way addicted to Thai Food now! If you are ever in Pocatello make sure you go and try Thai Paradise Cuisine!! Best. Food. EVER!!  

James and I also went for our first official swim of the summer season! It was so much fun. I really do enjoy swimming especially over at the Lava Hot Springs swimming pool. It is a lot of fun to watch everyone go off the platforms and to do all those amazing tricks. While at the pool we also got our first snow cone of the season! Yummy!! Summer is not my favorite but I do love swimming and snow cones that is for sure. 

How is your summer going so far? What fun things have you already done or are planning to do? Leave a comment below!!

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