Watermelon Peach Juice

Today's recipe is SO easy and nice and refreshing for the summer heat! Ps. I've added a few other options to spice things up at the end. Enjoy & stay cool this summer. 

The Things You Will Need:
1 Small Watermelon
4 Peaches (Fresh OR Canned)
1 Cup Sugar
8 Ice Cubes

Put It All Together:
Step 1:
Put watermelon into blender and blend until blended into a smooth liquid form.
Step 2:
Add peaches, sugar and all 8 ice cubes and blend into blender until smooth of all chunks from fruit and ice. Should also look like the picture above.

Final Step:
Pour into your favorite drinking glass and enjoy a nice cold summer juice!

Want to spice things up? Try these two other options!
Add whipped cream to the top.
Place in freezer and enjoy a nice cold ice treat!

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