Sneak Peek: Making Our Home Pretty

Well today's post is LOOONG over due. But hey here it is.. late AS always. (sorry about that.. but you know life gets busy!) James and I have been working super hard at getting our house all ready and just the way we like it (this is why I haven't really shown any pictures yet..) and we recently got the outside looking pretty darn good! These pictures are a little older and hopefully tomorrow I will post updated ones. YAY! But enough of me blabbing.. lets get onto these pictures!

When we moved in they had a huge rock pond and rock garden which I HATED it. they also had a railing that went all the way around on the side to match our lovely boardwalk that also had a railing which we took down. (We still need to fix the rain gutter so part of the railing is still up..) 

So I posted on Facebook that I had lots of rocks for free if they hauled. Well they went SUPER quick! They cleared out my rock pond very quickly! It was nice to not have to haul any of those darn rocks. Well at least not very far. And they went to a good home ha! The lady that took them needed them for her pond and waterfall. So I'm glad that someone could use them. Thank goodness.

Once those rocks were gone our good friend hauled us a truck load of dirt to fill in the holes! So now we have a dirt pile that Maggie, Ollie and Edwin love to play in.. and probably use as their bathroom facilities also. (TMI?)

Along the side of our home there were also a TON of rocks that covered everywhere.. and it was so full of weeds. Thankfully those people also took most of these rocks! WAHOO!

And after that it looked like this.. but a few more weeds because I didn't think to take a picture before I started the weeding process. Thankfully the weeds came up fairly easy! But it was a long day that's for sure. I was trying my hardest to get it all done before the Mr. came home from work. I ALMOST succeeded. 

The side of  our house also had rocks along it and they got most of them but as you can tell some where left behind which was A-OK with me because I ended up using them anyways. 

So now here we are.. (a not updated picture) of what it looked like after it was weeded and just planted and new mulch! It makes me so happy every time I look at it. I think this little flower bed make our home look more like a home and not a trash can. Ha ha! Although.. it would fit in with my neighbors. Shh... I didn't say that.

On the side of the house we put some rocks for where we can put the hoses to help them look better and not get so dirty! We also put wood chips along the side to help keep out some of the weeds. We have Morning Glory like CRAZY! UGH.

At first I put some pots with peppers, basil and lettuce on the side but that has now changed. Like I said hopefully tomorrow there will be some updated pictures ha! We have changed it a lot already.

James was super excited because he was able to play with the big boy toys and smooth out the dirt and make it look pretty! Now if we would just put the grass seed down..

PS. This is an "updated" not really updated picture of some more flowers that I added awhile ago. I have now added even more.. but hey.. what can I say you're getting a full preview. Ha ha!
Thanks for coming along on this little journey with us. I hope you enjoyed! What part of our house would you like to see next? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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