Well it finally happened. My parents moved. It was a bitter-sweet moment. I knew it was going to happen eventually that they wouldn't stay there forever. It just didn't work for them anymore. My mom needed everything to be on one floor because she is having a harder time doing stairs and they needed to be closer to family. It was just difficult to say goodbye to my childhood home in which I lived until I got married. 21 years to live somewhere is a LONG time! I loved this home so much and I have so many memories here. Good, bad, sad and hilarious memories. Today I would like to share some of my most favorite memories with you all. These are the memories that I will forever remember. I just hope the new people have just as many good memories as I do! 

This is the house I grew up in. It wasn't always with a red garage door and front door but I remember when my mom had them painted because she wanted a fun pop of color and she loves red! I also remember the many, many picnics as a family under the tree on a blanket. I remember doing them with Seth and Chloe and Nico also. It was fun. We were able to play with chalk, ride our bikes or my purple scooter, play with Toby, sometimes even friends all while we were able to eat too and enjoy. We had many family home evenings out there too. 

This might seem like an odd picture.. but that is my old bedroom window. And yes, there is a funny memory about it. STORY TIME! When I was in high school (I think I was a junior?) it was late at night and I was sound asleep when all the sudden I got a phone call from my brother. He asked me if I knew why this certain boy was dancing outside our home? I had NO idea what he was talking about. My brother couldn't sleep and was cleaning his room. He went outside to throw away some garbage when he caught this boy being weird in our driveway. The boy then looked at my brother and ran off all awkwardly and hid behind his car before he drove off. HA! I don't think he was too ashamed that he got caught either. But the next day we found out that he was not dancing in my driveway but he was THROWING pennies at my bedroom window! Which he actually ended up cracking.. and that crack was on there until my parents put their home up for sale. That story will always make me laugh! 

Yes, this light in fact does have a memory. I'm not sure if I should share this one or not.. my mom does read my blog. But it is too good not to share! My good friend Jenn was sleeping over for a whole week while her mom and step dad were in Vegas for their anniversary I believe. Well we thought it would be a good idea to sneak out of the house.. well the side light ALWAYS popped on and I'm sure it shined into my parents bedroom window. So on top of our good idea of sneaking out we decided to cover the light so they couldn't see with Jenn's jacket! HA! Smart ones. Well needless to say.. her jacket caught on fire and burned a hole in it. *SIDE NOTE: the jacket was also her sisters that she was borrowing! ha!* So she ended up buying her a new one. It was such a funny moment!

This is my parents peach tree! It grows some of the BEST peaches around town. They are always so big, beautiful and of course so juicy and delicious! But this spot is so much more now. This is where my sweet puppy Toby is buried. After he was buried there after we had to put him to sleep I often would go and visit him with my exciting news (like when I got engaged!) but also when I was sad and I would just talk to him. Just like the old day. Toby was my best friend! I sure do miss that little dog. Funny story.. my nephew told my mom that they needed to dig up the peach tree and Toby and take it with them to their new house. I agreed.. but they didn't. So Toby still lays at our home. 

This was my parents living room. Where we often gathered to play games, do puzzles and crafts, watch the Super Bowl and of course where we celebrated Christmas! In that corner is where the tree ALWAYS was. The fireplace you can see has some memories too. Me and my best friend Sabrina decided to become "models" and dress up and model by the fireplace with it on.. in the middle of the summer.. it got HOT! ha ha! 

This room was the playroom. On the wall under the window sat an futon which is now in mine and James' basement. This is the room where I had all my sleepovers with my friends Sabrina, Kirsite, Jenn, Nicole and Melissa. I have so many different memories in this room. But my most fond memory is the one I shared with my family! My mom was having Bunco at our home and my dad, brother, nephew, nieces and I all hung out downstairs and watched Space Jam! But that's not all.. we all wore basketball jerseys! It was so much fun to share that special bonding memory with them all!

And lastly. This was my second bedroom. I got it after my sister moved out! Thanks Whitney! Ha ha! Which it was painted A LOT. Pink, purple and bright blue. Which my mom couldn't stand and as soon as I moved out she painted it a soft yellow color. This room is where I played barbies, with my bears, dressed Toby up and made him my baby. It is also where I played pretend all the time. I was always and actress in a very famous play and I was the star of course. I could sing, dance and act! Speaking of dancing.. this was most used for my dance studio! I would turn up the music as loud as I could and dance my little heart out. It drove my family nuts! But it made me so happy!! This is also the room I broke my bed from "not" jumping on it... yeah, I didn't fool my parents one bit! This is also the room that I lost the door to from lying and being a horrible child. Sorry mom and dad! I cried in here, got mad in here, laughed in here and this is where I have the best memories. It was my room!

I have loved this house so much! I am going to miss it but I am incredibly excited for all new memories to be made in my parents new home. And like I have always said, home is where ever my mommy and daddy are! Thanks mom and dad, Whitney, Phillip and all of my wonderful friends for all the fantastic memories that we all shared in this home! You all are what made this home a home and so so special. I am very grateful to all of you and I love each and every one of you so much! And now, I would like to say one final goodbye to my childhood home. You were great, you hold a lot of love and memories. Thank you for always keeping us safe and providing years and years of memories. I love you always and forever!!


  1. So many amazing memories starting at the young age of 3 all the way up to I was 19! Its so sad to aee it go but we will always have the memories!! -Sabrina