Catching Up: Part 2 - Meeting Alex Boye'

While James and I were down in Utah for Garens wedding we had also gotten tickets to go see General Conference. If you don't know what that is it's when all the LDS people gather around their TV's all over the world or come from all over the world to the conference center in Salt Lake to hear our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and others speak to us and give us guidance. You can go here to learn more about my religion if you would like. 
Instead of driving up there and trying to find a parking spot we decided to take the train! BEST. DECISION. EVER. It went so smoothly and we go there right on time.. and we didn't have to worry about all the crowds and such which was nice! It was a nice ride and we just enjoyed each others company. And on the way back we met a nice gentleman who was sick and needed us to wake him up once we reached our stop ha ha. Poor guy!

Conference was so peaceful. I love being in the conference center I feel like the spirit is so much stronger there because you're more willing to pay attention and less distractions. I decided to make my focus on less distraction and make my home more like the conference center so I can feel the spirit more and truly listen to the Prophets words. It was a great experience James and I were super lucky to be able to have tickets and experience it. 

After the first session on Saturday was over we decided to stick around for a bit and get some lunch and just wonder around. Well thank goodness we did! We went into Deseret Book and heard Mr. Alex Boye' singing! We got our own little concert which was fantastic. I love his music style so much, it is a lot of fun and beautiful. He is just a kind person and filled with so much love! And of course.. I was already emotional so when I met him I started crying ha ha. No shame. I got extra hugs because of it and he cracked some jokes. He also told me that it made his day to know how much he's appreciated. He also asked if I would send some pictures so I did and he even wrote me back! 

If you have never heard him before give a little listen below! I promise you won't regret it. Also just go on YouTube and type in Alex Boye' and you can listen to all of his wonderful music. AND go here and purchase his newest CD and his older one too!

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