Product Review: Purina Tidy Cats

Today's post is sponsored by Purina Tidy Cats. I just want to give a HUGE shout out to them for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to give an honest review their product. Thank you Purina, your company rocks!! 
First off I want to start off with my family was already a HUGE Purina fan.. we by their dog food Purina One for miss Maggie and we buy their brand of treats for both our pup and are cats. In the past for cat litter I just bought what ever was the cheapest.. when in reality it wasn't ever the cheapest because we went though it so much. I am super afraid of having my house smell well, like cats and cat poop so I am cleaning the cat littler all the time! And the cheaper brands just didn't seem to hold up.. I feel like they were making the poop and our house smell worse than it was. I always wanted that clean smell and couldn't find it. 
Well, that was until I discovered Purina Tidy Cats with Glade Solutions! This stuff smells AMAZING!! It really helps hide the cat smell and the poop smell which is awesome and just what I was looking for. I have no idea why I had never bought this before! I am promising you, once you try this you will not want to go back to your other brand. This kitty litter also helps clean up go smoothly and quickly because I'm sure we all hate to have to clean up after our cats right?! And the best part is this litter doesn't get stuck in their little paws like the past brands have. So that means they aren't tracking the litter all over my house! Which if they were I don't think I would mind because like I said this stuff smells great. I highly recommend this product if you want easy clean up and a great smelling home that doesn't smell like cats. Since I started using this I've even had people tell me that they didn't even know that I had cats until they saw them. So there you have it.. this stuff is amazing! It can be found at Walmart, Target and pretty much anywhere that sells cat litter. It cost $7.99 for a 20 lbs container. The container is super easy to use which makes pouring into your cat litter box hassle free and mess free! They are also easy to store because of their sleek design. I have two cats and two litter boxes and with this 20 lbs I can get about three uses out of it and I change my litter weekly and clean it daily so I get about 3 weeks out of one 20 lbs litter. I think this is a great deal that not only smells great but works wonders. And the price isn't bad at all! I will be purchasing this product over and over. Thank you Purina Tidy Cats for showing me how wonderful my home can be by using Tidy Cats. We are now a Purina Tidy Cats Family! Will you join me in becoming one too?

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