Hey Gramps!

A couple weekends ago my grandpa, aunt and cousin stopped by to pay me a visit! They were all going on a short trip through Idaho and thought that they would come visit me and they were even kind enough to let me tag along with them over to Lava Hot Springs. In Lava we went to lunch at the very yummy Chuckwagon restaurant, walked around the town and learned all about the hotels which my grandpa has stayed in and they even hit up the square ice cream shop! 

We also stopped by the oh so cute museum that they have there with all of their history and the close by towns histories. If you ever visit Lava Hot Springs I do recommend going there it is pretty fun. While there my grandfather found himself a pretty little lady. They were awfully cozy and even shared a kiss. Ha ha! I love my grandpa and his sense of humor.

After hanging out in Lava for awhile they headed to Pocatello to check into their hotel and to rest for a little bit. But they invited James and I to go to the hot baths with them later that night. At first grandpa wasn't so sure that he was wanting to go but my cousin can talk him into anything. I think he was glad that he ended up coming.

I'm super glad that they came back to Lava to go to the hot pools and that they invited us because than that way James could get a chance to see them and hang out with them for awhile. It was a lot of fun and I'm so thankful that they let me spend some time with them and grandpa. I love my family very much and I don't get to see them all that often so it's always so great to be able to see them and spend quality time with them. This short visit was filled with memories that will last a lifetime. 

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