1..2..3.. CHEESE!

I have to admit, I am pretty lucky when it comes to a husband. He is always so willing to let me take pictures of our family. He even lets me pick out his outfit so we match ha ha. So I guess you can figure out what this post is about now. Yes, we took some more family pictures!
We went up the "gap" because I was really hoping for some pretty fall colors.. which we had two weeks ago and I waited way too long. I was kind of bummed but it was alright at least it was still pretty and made a beautiful background.

We decided to take a quick few of just us before we added miss Maggie. Truth be told.. she is a pain and doesn't really care for pictures. I mean come on.. be a good dog. Ha ha. Just kidding. We just bribed her with some treats of course.

In the end we got three really good pictures of the three of us. Good girl Maggie! And that's a wrap.. well until we take pictures in our Christmas sweaters that is. 

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