Winnie The Pooh Campground: PART TWO

At the campground they had a creek that ran right down below our camp spot. Which was awesome because it was perfect for when we wanted to cool off. I should say for when we wanted to freeze. The water was so cold! But that didn't stop the nieces and nephew from getting in their suits and splashing around and having a ball of a time. 

They squirted each other with water guns. Of course they made sure to "accidentally" get each other in the face. But that was okay they giggled and had so much fun. 

They also played in a floaty and tried to paddle around. But that didn't work so they pretended that they were stuck on an island and their cell phones weren't working. But don't worry big brother was there to help save them. What a nice gent.

And of course this cutie was up for me taking lots of pictures and posing. Isn't she just adorable.

We went on a lot of walks to try and find wild turkeys and deer. We were very successful in both of those departments. They were so excited because we were able to get pretty close to a few of them. Of course not too close though.  

The campground was so much fun and very beautiful. I hope that we get to go there again soon. And if you get the chance I hope you all can go there and have as much fun as we did. We loved the camp spot, it was very clean, the camp hosts were super friendly and awesome. It was a great camping experience and I'm so grateful I was able to share this time and make such special memories with the people I love. 

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