Winnie The Pooh Campground: PART ONE

After the family reunion we headed to another camp ground to enjoy a few more days. The camp ground we went to was the cutest little place ever! There was a fun little place where the kids could play called Pooh's Hundred Aker Wood. It was adorable! 

At the beginning of trail there is a giant tigger and pooh bear stuffed animal to welcome you into the 100 aker wood. As you can tell we were very excited to get in there and run around and have some play time.

We hung out with Mr. Roo first. He was very soft and cuddly. We hopped around like kangaroos and made sure we didn't wear out our welcome so we hopped on over to the next friends house.

But we first needed to stop at Pooh's thinking spot. He was in deep thought but was kind enough to let Miss Nico and James join him in thinking. They thought long and hard and decided on our next spot to visit. 

We stopped by Christopher Robbins house to see if he could play. Nico rang the bell but he hollered at us as he ran out the door to go to school. We were so bummed that Christopher Robbin wasn't able to play. Maybe next time.

The last person we visited was Mr. Eeyore himself. He was so friendly and let us all squish into his wonderful home. Him and Seth had a fantastic time and got along really well. 

In the 100 aker woods they also had Rabbits garden, Owls house, Pooh's home filled with all his honey pots, Tiggers house and of course Piglets house. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad that I was able to spend it with my nieces and nephew. We had a ball. 

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