Reunion 2015

Every year in August my extended family all gets together for a family reunion. We all go camping at a different camp ground. Sometimes there is lakes sometimes there isn't lakes. This year we went to Huntington State Park in Utah. My amazing cousin Suzie was in charge this year and did a wonderful job with everything! We had a dance party at night with glow sticks, a brunch, skits, hilarious games and of course our annual raffle. It was such a fun reunion. I just wish I would of used my camera a lot more than I did.. oops! 

Huntington State Park is such a beautiful place. The lake was just the right size and not too crowded and we were surrounded by such beautiful views. The camp spots were clean, large and awesome. The lake also had a huge blow up slide which was free to use. James, my brother and I all went down it a few times. It was a lot of fun. I just wish we would of had more days that we could of hung out at the lake and swam. But I'm glad we at least got one day!

My cousin Issac came to the reunion this year. He is such a fun person! I loved being able to talk with him and to see him again. I just wish that I would of had a little bit longer to talk and hang out with him. But unfortunately he wasn't feeling too well and we were lucky that we got the time with him that we did. I wish I would be able to see him more.

My brother and sister in law also came which was awesome! It was great to see a totally different side of Crystal that I hadn't seen before. And can I just say, she knows how to dance. Phillip and Crystal also brought me a present camping.. delicious pink lemonade and smores cotton candy. They know me all to well.  

This was Miss Maggie's first time camping. At first she wasn't so sure about it. I don't think she really enjoyed having to be chained up the whole time and I'm not sure she was so sure about being outside all day long. But she sure did get used to it. She was pretty good for the most part! I'm pretty sure her favorite part was when we went fishing and she was able to go on the beach with us. The water part she couldn't decide if she liked or not though. It was pretty funny.

I'm so very grateful that James and I were able to attend the reunion this year and see all of our family and friends. It was a total blast and Suzie did a wonderful job at making it so much fun and helping make lasting memories. Love you Suzie!! 

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