Crafts, Puppies & Mary Engelbreit!

Well I'm a little behind on my blogging lately but I have been super busy! Shocking... I know. So be expecting a bunch of posts that have happened awhile ago. Sorry. Also this blog post is just a mixture of things I forgot to add in previous blog posts. My bad.

Awhile ago James mom tagged me on Facebook of an awesome craft made out of pickle jars. (She knows me so well!! ha ha) Anyways, she had saved me some pickle jars so I could do this craft which was AWESOME! It was so easy to do also. I made three of these jars and they sit beautifully on my front porch! They also have candles in them and look awesome at night. I tried to take a picture.. as you can tell but it didn't really show it all pretty and glowy. Oh well. They were so easy to make and are way cute! Thanks to my wonderful mother in law for this awesome craft! If you'd like to make them here is the link: Keep Calm and Decorate

The last couple of weeks I have been back and fourth going down to Utah for family things and photo shoots. (Yes, I'm a photographer go here: Chelsey Lynne Photography *I am having a sale!!*) Anyways, for the 4th of July I went down as you already know but I left Miss Maggie home. Which she was not thrilled about one bit! So she was so clingy because I think she knew I was leaving her. The day that I left she was stuck to my side literately.. as you can tell from the picture up above. She had never cuddled my leg like that until that day. It was so funny. And when I got home from my trip she was mad at me and wouldn't really pay attention to me and started acting out again. Taught me a lesson. Ha ha, just kidding. 

As many of you know I love, love, LOVE Mary Engelbreit. One day I was looking on Amazon at her stuff and I found this Fairy Tales book that has been illustrated by her. I have wanted this book for awhile so I was SO excited when I saw that is was ONLY $4.00 shipped!! WHAT! So yeah, you bet this bad boy was in my cart so fast. When it arrived I was so excited. It is such a cute book. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Actually I just recommend all of her stuff. She is amazing. Follow her on Facebook to see all of her cute prints and things that she sells. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Go here: Mary Engelbreit to follow her on Facebook.

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