All Swelled Up!

Well last week Monday was a very unexpected interesting day. But before I tell you why let me give you a little background story. I haven't been wearing my wedding rings for about a month due to them not being able to fit. But I would try every morning just to see if I could get them on.. because I missed wearing them. They are pretty and my husband gave them to me. On Sunday before I headed to church I tried to see if they would fit. And what do you know, they slid right on! I was so excited. I wore them all day and I wasn't worried on bit about them coming off. But before I went to bed I tried to take them off and they would not come off. I could twist them and get them to a certain point but they were stuck. I tried a few tricks but it just started to hurt so I decided to sleep with them on and try again in the morning. BAD IDEA! And this is where my story about Monday begins.

I woke up really early this morning due to some pain I was feeling on my ring finger. So I decided to get up and try and get my ring off. It still wouldn't come off but I could still wiggle it. So I waited a little longer but then my finger really started to hurt. So I went and got some butter and tried that to see if I could get it to slide off. No good. I tried sticking my hand in ice cold water. Once again no good. I also tried a few other things and nothing was helping. If anything it was making it worse. So I decided to stop trying for a little bit and go back to sleep. I laid in bed for about a half hour because I couldn't get back to sleep. My finger hurt so bad. Next thing I knew I was waking James up asking him if he could help me get it off. He tried some things and it still would not budge. So James decided to make a few phone calls to his mom and to his aunt to see if they had any ideas. A few of them we had already tried. But his aunt told us to come up and she would try something so we did. We were up there for about a half hour and she couldn't get my ring to budge. *Side note* (She's a nurse an has done this stuff before due to people coming in to get them off.) So she got her husband to come try and help. (He is also a nurse.) Everything they were trying was just making my finger/hand really hurt to the point that I wanted to cry and throw up. So finally I said lets leave it alone for awhile and we can try again. So James and I went home.

We got home and had been home for about five minutes when the pain got extremely bad. My finger had swelled up ten times worse than it was before and my finger was starting to turn a deep purple. I started crying because of the pain. I told James that we just needed to cut it off because I couldn't take it anymore. The pictures above I had taken right before my finger swelled up more and turned more purple. James and I didn't really know how to get it cut off or who to call. So we deiced to call the Bishop who is also a police officer to see if by chance he had a ring cutter or and idea. His wife said he had already left for work but she would give him a call and call us right back. In the meantime James decided to call his grandma to see what she would say. And both her and the Bishops wife said that we should use needle nose pliers. We couldn't find any so I was super bummed and in a lot of pain. But thankfully at the bottom of the tool bag was the pliers! 

So James was able to cut my rings off. Which immediately brought back the coloring in my finger and the pain was starting to settle down. I was so thankful but also very heartbroken because we had to ruin the rings in order to get them off. Of course I started crying for those two reasons and I kept apologizing to James. But he made a good point, it was either the rings or my finger.. and I kind of like my finger. We also found out what was causing my finger to swell. The little band was just a little too little and was making it so the blood wouldn't flow properly. So the moral of my story.. make sure your rings are big enough that if your fingers swell up you can still get them off, make sure your second band isn't too small.. or just don't wear your rings if your fingers swell. Ha ha! All in all, I am so thankful that my prayers worked and I was able to get them off thanks to my wonderful husband and the love that my heavenly father has for me!

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