My Testimony On Families

Today while watching the first session of the LDS General Conference, Elder L. Tom Perry spoke on families. It really was a touching talk to me and gave me a feeling like I need to share my views on what family means to me. All I ask in return by me doing so is that I get respect for my feelings and my testimony on what family means to me. Bear with me, as this is going to be very personal and emotional. So I apologize in advance if it doesn't make sense... as I am already starting to cry as I think of what I want to share with you all.

On March 10th a few years ago I got one of the biggest blessings of my life. My mother and father made the choice to get sealed. By their choice of being sealed and helping us to be a family for forever past this life it blessed my life. On that day was the day that I had made my decision that I wanted that happiness always. I knew from that moment that all I wanted was to be married and sealed to my eternal companion in the temple. Also on that day some special sacred things happened to me. I don't share them with many people because it is so special to me. But I can say that I know that Jesus loves me, he lives and he is always there. I am so grateful to my parents and their choice to not only be sealed to each other but to be sealed to us. I'm so grateful that I get to be their daughter forever and to always have their love. I'm grateful that they are my eternal family and I am so thankful that my parents decided to marry each other and show me what true love and marriage is. I love my family so much and I am thankful to them. They are one of the best blessings ever.

On April 26th 2013, I made the best decision of my life. I was sealed to my best friend and eternal companion. My husband James. On that day we started a new family and had brought two families together. I had never felt so much happiness other than when I was sealed to my family. But this time the happiness was different. I was at peace, and I was proud of myself. I once again felt the love I had back on March 10th. I knew that by my choice of marriage, and the place that I got married that I was doing what was right. Every time I look back and think about that day I still feel the happiness and I know that I will always have that happiness because of the choice that my husband and I made. I am so glad that we made such a sacred and special commitment to each other. And I can't wait to start growing our eternal family. 

So, now I want to take a chance to explain what the word family means to me. I know that family is very important. My family means the world to me. My immediate family, my extended family and the family I married into. Each and every one of them have touched my life so much, they all have helped me to be me. I do NOT take the word family lightly. Family is something very sacred and special that we all have been blessed with. I know that families can be together again, and that everyone can have the happiness of ever lasting life and love. I believe that family is one of the most important things we can have in life. Family is far greater than your dream job, taking a trip, your friends (although they are important too) and having the best things. Families are always there for you, thick and thin. Without a family none of us would be here.  

 I am so grateful for my parents choice to be married and sealed in the temple. I am also so grateful for mine and my husbands choice to do the same. I have never experienced so much happiness. And I wouldn't trade anything in the world. I love being married to my husband, he means the entire world to me. And I cannot wait to grow our family eventually and to become a mother and to watch him become a wonderful father. I love my family, and I love my marriage. I do believe that families can be together forever. I believe in marriage and families. And once again I bear my testimony that families are so special and sacred and one of the most amazing blessings that we all have been given.