I'm so blessed.

My Grandma gave me this beautiful antique planter. I love it a lot. It sits in the middle of my kitchen table and holds my other love.. blow pops ha ha. I thought about putting a fake plant in it but I needed something to store all my suckers and this worked perfectly.  

This plates is also an antique. It belonged to James great grandmother. I haven't found it a safe spot yet.. but I am hoping to soon. I love the saying but I love mostly the connection it gives me to his great grandparents. I'm very thankful that James aunt gave this wonderful plate to us. 

My best friend Sabrina sent me a package that I got on Monday! It is my Christmas/birthday/care package. She's such a doll. She gave me so much.. and I am so thankful for it. Also she knows me so well. But hey that's what good friends do. ha ha! Thanks again Sabrina! You're the best.