James and I were so blessed to be able to spend Easter Sunday with our families down in Utah this year. Although, it was a very short visit! It was a lot of fun and I was so excited to see everyone especially the nieces and nephew! (Hadn't seen them in a little while.)

The Easter Bunny (AKA JAMES) got me this beautiful antique collectible because he knew how much I loved it. And also I collect them! They are some of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen. I'm so thankful for this! She is gorgeous. Oh and a plus.. she is my birthday month doll! James found that out as he was checking out I guess! Pretty nifty. No wonder why I loved her so much.. ha ha!

My mom every year does an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos and for the adults. So of course she made us all model for a wonderful picture. (Thanks mom for letting me steal this!) I love my family so much! 

Easter was a total blast. It was good to be able to visit with everyone and play with the nieces and nephew. I love being able to spend holidays with the family. It makes them that much more special.