Meet Miss Maggie

Last week James and I went down to Utah for his check up on his ear. (It still has the hole so we'll go back in May...) But before we went down we started semi looking at dogs/puppies. So we kept joking with James' aunt and uncle that we were going to be coming back home with a dog. (HA HA jokes on us!) I has been praying that God would place the perfect dog for James and I and that I would know when I saw it and when the time was right. Well down in Utah James and I both were like lets just go look at the animal shelter. As soon as we walked into the room I saw Maggie and started crying. I knew that she was my dog and she was supposed to be apart of our family. James on the other hand was trying to be practical.. and well that didn't work. SO now I would like you all to meet Maggie!

This is how Maggie looked when we first got her. She was shaggy and all matted and definitely  needed some TLC. So therefore..

We took her tot he groomers to get a nice new hair do. She looks and feels so much better.. and personally I think I prefer her with short hair. Although she is way cute either way.

Maggie has loved being in good ol' Idaho from the beginning. She was so excited the first day to see where we live in the light. I opened all the windows and she ran all over looking out each one. It was pretty adorable. Looking out the window is still one of her favorite activities.  

From day one Maggie has been very loving, cuddly and WAY clingy. But I am loving every moment of this. She is everything and more that James and I asked for. She is so friendly and is by far the most perfect dog and fit for our family. She has definitely healed the cracks in our heart from losing Mr. Max. Although we still miss him and love him, it's nice to not be sad anymore. And I'm pretty sure Max was a BIG part of this decision.