Food, Valentines & Winter

Last night I took The Mr. on a date. (A selfish one.. I just didn't feel like cooking ha!) We went to this fancy restaurant over in Lava. I don't know that we will eat there again; the food was good, just a bit too pricey. I got french dip sliders and James got a Hawaiian style hamburger. 

Well, Christmas is finally down and Valentines is up. I'm very excited because I normally don't decorate for Valentines because it is my least favorite holiday. But this year I "went all out" for it. I think what I love most is the heart banner. It turned out so cute! I'm thinking about making a few more to try and sell. I also made one other banner than hangs over my kitchen window and it say be mine. It is also really cute! If you haven't noticed, I have a banner addiction now ha!

The weather here in Idaho sure has been odd. On Wednesday it was fairly warm and on Thursday and today it dropped clear back down to being cold. So the fog outside is horrible. But it was kind of cool to see all these wonderful ice crystals all over. I absolutely love this picture I was able to snap. It's just so wintery. It is currently my desktop background and looks so fab.