Our Second Christmas

This year James and I weren't able to celebrate Christmas with our parents and siblings due to James having to work. But that's okay, I won't lie it was kind of nice to have a laid back Christmas and boy did we get spoiled this year!

On Christmas eve James and I went up to his Aunt Andrea's house to have fondue. It was a lot of fun, except that poor Max didn't feel good and had been throwing up. So unfortunately we ate and ran. The food was delicious though. We had steak, shrimp and salad. Yum! I didn't take any pictures at this little get together sorry about that.

Once we got home we took some pictures by our Christmas Tree in our new Pajamas that Santa Clause brought us. PS. The slippers I;m wearing my mommy gave to all the girls for Christmas. Also, before we took the pictures we Skyped with James family and my family to say hello and Merry Christmas also so that we could still be apart of my families Christmas Eve traditions. It was great to be able to see everyone!

Like I said.. we got spoiled this year! Santa really loved us. Ha ha! Okay true story, I have a shopping problem, but hey at least I know how to do it and save money. I start Christmas shopping the day after Christmas for the next years Christmas. I know, I have a problem. Oh well.
James parents and siblings gave us an amazing present I wanted to cry! They gave us a gift card to Texas Roadhouse and a gift card to a fancy hotel! I cannot wait to use it. (We're saving it for our anniversary!) 
My parents gave James and I each our own Tablet! Once again I wanted to cry.. ha ha. 
We were so spoiled.. we are so blessed to have the things we got.

On top of all the greatness.. I got the white Christmas I wanted! Yippee! 

Also on Christmas we up to Lava to James' other Aunt and Uncle's house to have a very delicious Christmas dinner! We also were able to Skype with James brother Brandon who is on a mission for the LDS church in the Philippians. It was great to see his cute smiling face. 

All in all we had a very wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas. I just love this time of year.. if you haven't noticed. Ha ha.