Old McDonald Had A Farm

Thursday morning I woke up and went to let Max outside to go potty. I thought that James and I had left our front porch light on. Boy was I wrong, I'm so grateful that my camera was near the front door. It was the most gorgeous sunrise that I have seen in awhile. It looked like the sky was on fire. There were many different colors. It was fantastic and a great way to start my day. 

On Wednesday while James and I were finishing putting Christmas lights outside we had a couple visitors come for a visit. They were so cute! At first when James told me I had no idea what he was talking about and I didn't believe him until I looked over. It made my entire day! 

Mr. Max got himself a new look. And boy does he love it. He looks so fresh and he smells so yummy! He looks a lot better not so scruffy anymore. He sure does like to strut his stuff now. He has developed a little bit of an attitude. He thinks he's hot stuff now ha ha. I love his personality.