Christmas House Tour Part Three

Yippee! It's day three and the final day of my house tour. Today I will be showing you my kitchen and our bathroom. Hope you enjoy!
Welcome To Our Kitchen:
This is how I decided to decorate the light above our kitchen table. I got everything at the dollar store except the red beads, I got them at Wal-Mart. So this decoration cost a total of $5.00. It looks very pretty!

These pictures my grandma sent me this year. I decided not to frame them because they already look kind of framed. I really like them! They are also by Mary Engelbriet. This is on a smaller wall in our kitchen.

This is my favorite banner that I made for Christmas. It says, "Let It Snow." It hangs below the wonder Santa pictures. It makes our dining area look so much more lovely!

Obviously this is our fridge ha! My grandma also gave me this nativity. My mom gave me the notepad and the rest is just Christmas cards from other people and ours.

My mom gave me this angel last year. It hangs on our back door. It's so fun and looks very cute.

This is the counter above our dishwasher. The two snowmen that are hanging on the fridge I got at my old job and I put them together. The Mary Engelbriet Holiday Cookbook I got at a yardsale last year for $1.00! The Santa holds our chocolate candies, I'm not sure where I got it. The tree that is hanging I got from my mom last year. The tin next to our candy jar I got this year at Tuesday Mornings. It's a Mary Engelbriet collect also. It says, "Less egg more nog!" It's super cute! I paid $2.99 for it.

This window is above our kitchen sink. I got the snowflakes last year at the dollar store. They are also above our back door to the backyard I just didn't think I needed to take a picture of them too. They are very sparkly and look very pretty especially at night with the lights shining on them.

This is the little area next to our kitchen sink. The Santa picture I got from my mom along with the candle holder and the candy-cane tin. The Believe I got at a yardsale this year for .50 cents. I also got the cowboy Santa at another yard sale for .25 cents. The candle is another one I got at Target for $1.00 last year.

This cute mitt I got last year from my mom I love it so much!

This is my "coupon" desk. I got the reindeer bear when I was a child from one of my friends. The Santa card my grandma painted. The box and snowman snow globe I got from my mom. The Ho, Ho, Ho book I got two years ago at Seagull Book for $1.99. It is also one of Mary Engelbriets.

Lastly, this is on our island in our kitchen. The bears I got from my mom and I just placed them in our fruit basket. The coasters I made a few years ago. The book is by Mary Engelbriet and it is The Nutcracker. I got it at Gardner Village a few years ago for $17.99. And last year at Gardner Village, James won the snowman napkin holder and salt and pepper shakers.

Welcome To The Bathroom:
This rug is normally at our back door but since I have a Christmas one there that says, "SNOW" I moved this one into our bathroom and took our purple one out for now. This was a wedding present so it works super well!

These are our decorative bath towels! I got them last year from my mom.

This sign hangs above a shelf in our bathroom. I got it last year from my mom.

And at last, this candle I got this year at Bath & Body Works when they had their semi-annual sale for $1.75. It smells just like Christmas should! Yum!

Well, that's my house at Christmas time! Hope you enjoyed my little tour. Thanks for going on this adventure with me.