Christmas House Tour Part Two

Hello and welcome back to part two of the tour! Today I will be showing off my living room. I will do it in sections like yesterday to make it more interesting. Ha ha. Enjoy!
Living Room Pictures:
This sign is new this year. I got it on Black Friday for $3.99 at Deseret Book. I love it. It is hanging on a small wall near the front door. (PS. We have Christmas lights hanging around all the doors and windows.. I just didn't take pictures of it.)

The first Santa picture with the Elf is a picture cut out of Mary Engelbriets calendar a few years ago. It used to hang in my bathroom at my mom's house. She gave it to me last year. The little sign up top that say's, "Merry Days and Silent Nights" I got this year at Seagull Book for $1.99. The frame with the three pictures are from James and I's first Christmas together and of course one at the Salt Lake City, Utah temple at the Christmas lights. The other Santa picture I got from my grandma and I just bought a cheap frame at the dollar store to frame it. It is also a Mary Engelbriet. 

These three pictures hang above our fireplace aka our stove. I got them this year at yardsales. The top picture with the three snowmen I got brand new for only $1.00! I also got the bottom two at a different yardsale brand new for .50 cents a piece. So awesome! Makes me very happy. I LOVE deals. Ha ha. If you haven't noticed.

I found this lovely gem on Pinterest. I don't remember from where I tried to find the link but can't. I feel bad. It's so pretty and I love the story it has. I already had this frame so it made for a cheap decoration. This sits front and center on our fireplace mantle.

This I also found off of Pinterest. I really love it. James had a frame that he got from his old job so wahoo! I also had, had this print for a few years and just never used it. So it's awesome to finally be able to use it. It hangs up above James BYU tree. Looks very good.

This is the last printable. It also came from Pinterest. I have an addiction. James chose this one. It hangs above his nativity that he got in Africa on his mission. I love the meaning behind this saying and it helps us keep the real meaning of Christmas.

Lastly these two lovely items hang in the corner by our coat closet and behind our "main" tree. My mom got me the North Pole sign last year after Christmas at Gordmans. An AWESOME store. The Christmas countdown I got last year at Target in the dollar section. We haven't started our countdown yet because I keep forgetting to buy chalk ha ha. One day we will start it.

The Rest Of The Living Room:
This end table it located by our front door. I got the book at Seagull Book for $1.99. I got the nativity a long time ago, I'm not sure where it is from. The red vase with the ornaments in it and the snowman I got from my mom. The coasters, I made this year. 

The picture that is hanging is a Mary Engelbriet I think I got it from my mom. The dish with the pinecones James and I got as a wedding gift and I got the pinecones at K-Mart when they went out of business for super cheap. The frame we got last year from our dear friend Shauna. It holds a picture of James and I at the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple Christmas lights.

This shelf is next to our fireplace it usually holds our shoes but for Christmas it needed to hold decorations ha ha. The top shelf: The three snowmen say welcome underneath and I got them for .25 cents at a yard sale this year. The book I got a Seagull Book last year for $1.99. The snowman candle and the snowman decoration I got from my mom last year. The second shelf: The book is Mary Engelbriet and I got it at Seagull book a few years ago for $3.99. The rocking horse and the NOEL blocks I got from my mom. The third shelf & bottom shelf: The nativity my grandma gave me along with the Santa's on the bottom shelf. She also gave me the larger Santa that is sitting next to the shelf.

This is our fireplace mantel. The stocking holders are new this year. I got them at Kohl's for $22.00 they came in a set of four. The Santa & Santa stocking are James' the Ho, Ho, Ho stocking and reindeer with scarf is mine and lastly the fun plaid stocking and the reindeer with the scarf and sweater is Max's. I got James stocking last year at Ti-Pan, Mine came from my mom, and Max's my grandma gave me! All three pictures are printables from Pinterest. The tall Santa's I got a few years ago from my grandma. The vase with the poinsettia's I got them from the dollar store and the vase from my bestie at her yardsale a few years ago. The Jesus picture my brother gave me a long time ago and the Santa and baby Jesus nativity I bought two years ago at a craft store in Lehi, Utah for $19.99. 

Here is a close up of the nativity and Jesus picture. This is probably my favorite part of our house. Because I love Jesus so much and I especially love these two items.

This is one of the many banners that I made this year this one says, "Frosty." The cards my grandma painted a few years ago for me and the pine-cones smell like cinnamon.

This end table sits next to our T.V. and holds our DVD player and such. I made the banner, of course ha! The sentsy has a cranberry cinnamon scent in it. The mouse, snowman and boxes came from my mom. The snowman with the goose I got this year at a yardsale for .25 cents. The snowman nativity I got a few years ago at Seagull Book for $14.99.

This end table sits between two of our chairs. The Night Before Christmas book is illustrated by Mary Engelbriet. I got it at Gardner Village two years ago for $17.99. The poinsettia came from the dollar store and the vase usually holds other flowers so I just switched them out. The candle I got last year at Target for $1.00 and it smells like cinnamon. The precious moments nativity I got a long time ago from my grandma. The coasters I made this year.

The Happy Holidays star I got last year at sprinkler world for $1.99. The bear that read The Night Before Christmas, and the other three decorations I got from my mom. The books I've collected from over the years and most have came from Seagull Book. The top one is from James' mommy. It's a story a day until Christmas. It's pretty cool.

The tin cans I got from my mom and they sit next to James BYU tree. And once again the pine-cones smell like cinnamon. 

This is James' Africa nativity. It's all hand carved out of wood. Very cool! It sits on top of a bookshelf next to our piano.

This is James' nativity from last year. He loves Charlie Brown so it only seems fitting to own the nativity. The nativity I got from Christian Living online on black Friday for $17.99. The book we got last year at Kohl's for $2.50. These lovely gems sit under our "main" tree.

This is our couch! (Obviously.. ha ha!) The pillows have tree's all over them. James made them for me this year, it is just pillow covers that way I can switch them up all year round. We got the fabric 75% off at JoAnns so for a yard and a half it cost us $2.79! What a steal. The blanket I got from Kohl's last year. It cost $8.99 but I ended up getting it for free because I had a $10.00 off. The pillow in the middle I also got from Kohl's last year for $1.75 after Christmas. The pillow is Santa Clause in a truck. The banner above the couch I made this year and it says Merry Christmas.

This is our Christmas Village that sits atop the piano. I got it last year at a yardsale for only $10.00! It's such a fun feature to have in our home during Christmas. The tree banner I got last year at Target in the dollar section. The vintage piano music is printables once again that I got off of Pinterest. I thought it would make a nice touch.

I got this rug at Kohl's for free because I once again had a free $10.00 off coupon. I love it, it's way cute. I'm also not the only one who loves it. Mr. Max does too, but that's probably because it's right in front of our fireplace ha ha.

Well, this is part two of three! Hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my living room! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post of the kitchen & bathroom!