Warm & Cozy!

The hubs and I went down to Logan, Utah yesterday so I could capture some pictures of the beautiful temple there for my photography business. It was such a chilly day but it was the perfect day to capture some pictures. I'm glad I have such a supportive husband! 

It was wonderful to see all the fall colors that Utah has to offer. That is one thing I miss most about not living in Utah. They have such wonderful seasons and beautiful fall colors. It made taking pictures of the Logan, Utah Temple that much more perfect.

Also while in Logan we decided to do some "bumming" around town. We found one of my favorite kinds of hot chocolate Italian Amaretto from Stephen's! I was SO excited. This stuff smells heavenly and taste the same also. They stopped making it for awhile and I am so glad that it is back. This cold season has just got that much more exciting ha ha. If you have never tried this kind before.. you definitely should!

And with that being said, Halloween is officially over at my house and it has now turned into Thanksgiving decorations. I love decorating, if you haven't noticed. The turkey and small pilgrim/cornucopia decorations came from my mommy and I love them! They make everything else look so darn cute. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to come so I can enjoy the fun company from my family and of course all the delicious food! Yum!