Here, There & Everywhere!

James and I went down to Utah again! Yep, I wasn't home very long but that's okay. We went and watched James brother and sister play basketball. They did very well. I'm glad we were able to go down and support them and see them play in their games. It was a lot of fun.

On Sunday we had some visitors. I tried to get a picture of them on our lawn but of course I scared them away.. Oh well. It was funny. We were on a walk to see James aunt and uncle and I turned around to find them on our lawn. Good little sheeps! Only in Idaho would you have these types of visitors. 

I made a no bake cheesecake on Sunday also. It taste alright but I think I put way too much lemon juice in it so it taste very lemony. Which I'm not a huge fan of. Next time I think I'm going to try and make the kind you bake. I'll let you all know if that one turns out and tastes better.

I'm just a little excited to be able to decorate for Christmas. I made James and I some Christmas coasters. I think they are way cute and turned out fabulously. Next DIY project is some Christmas banners. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and I cannot wait to start decorating. Of course I will be doing a house tour once it's all decorated!

Well, that's all we/I have been up to in the last little while. So until our new adventures I hope you all have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!