Chelsey & Max's Road Trip

Max and I went on a little vacation down to Utah this last weekend. It was a lot of fun and well needed. On Saturday was the annual girls day shopping trip! It's where my mom, sister, my cousins, aunts and some close friends all go shopping for Christmas or whatever we want! It's an all day event and it's a ton of fun! I love being able to spend that time with my family. And I have to admit it was nice to get away from the freezing cold and snow for a little bit. 

We were only gone for the weekend and we traveled back on Monday. As soon as I crossed over from the Utah border into Idaho there was snow! It was a nice surprise to see we still had so much. It made the rest of the drive so much more fun and of course a lot more beautiful. It felt nice to be back in the state that I now call home. It really is such a beautiful place to live. I am truly blessed.

When I turned to go down our street where we live Max got so excited! As you can tell he was longingly looking out the window at this point like hurry up I need to be home. He was so excited to be home. He ran around everywhere outside and even inside. But most importantly he was very excited later that night when Mr. James came home. His little tail wagged and he waited patiently for him to open the car door and as soon as it was opened he ran up to him and whined and made him pick him up. I think he really missed him ha ha. 

It was really cute when I arrived home James had left me a very cute note and he even drew me an awesome picture of a giraffe! He knows me so well. It was so sweet of him. I really do have the best husband.He's awesome!