T-I double G-errrr!

 On Friday James and I retook our Christmas card pictures. Why? Because we found some awesome sweaters to match Mr. Max! Our Christmas cards are going to look awesome. I can't wait to show you all.. but that's a few months away ha ha.

I think that they turned out wonderfully! I like them a lot better than the first round of pictures we took. But I do still like the first pictures. They aren't half bad either.  Poor James though he's a good sport he had a cold through all of this but still went and took some with me. 

Also on Friday we carved our pumpkins that we grew in our garden! James carved Scar from The Lion King. It looks so awesome! He did a wonderful job.

I did Tigger from Winnie The Pooh! He turned out very cute. I love Winnie The Pooh so this pumpkin fits me perfectly. He had a lot of detail surprisingly so it took a little bit to carve him.

Now our finished products are sitting nicely on our front porch. I'm very excited for Halloween and to be able to show off our pumpkins. I also for the first time made pumpkin seeds. Yummy! They taste wonderful. All I have left to say is I think we spent our Friday night very well.