Gettin' my craft on.

Lately I've been in a super crafty mood and when I'm in this mood I turn to the lovely website Pinterest or my imagination ha ha! For these two crafts though I did turn to Pinterest. They were super easy to do and I think they look very cute! I'm proud of myself, yup toot-in my own horn here. Ha ha! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

I had a few mason jars laying around so I decided that my kitchen needed a little more color so why not look an Pinterest and see how to paint jars and make it last. I think they turned out pretty cute. Not perfect but hey not bad for my first go around. I like them and that's all the matters ha ha. They look pretty darn good in my kitchen also. They were so easy to make also! Now that's my kind of craft.

Lately I've received a TON of free magazines in the mail. Not a bad thing. These come in handy when I'm bored, when I want to do crafts and of course a lot that I get have yummy recipes. So these make for a good time. But they have just been laying around everywhere and it has been driving me nuts! So I decided that I needed to solve the problem. 

I started looking for magazine holders but they were either not that cute or people wanted way to much money for them. So I went onto Pinterest to look and see what idea's they had. Everything that pulled up was to make one out of a cereal box. I did make one but it wasn't sturdy enough which was a bummer. But I decided that I would just use a thicker box. I had a flat-rate box laying around so I decided to use that. It worked perfectly! It keeps them nice and neat and it doesn't look half bad.