The Food Post

On Thursday the hubby and I went on a hot date! It had been awhile since we had a me and him date. It was nice to get out for a bit and enjoy each others company even if it was just to go and eat some delicious food. It was a lot of fun. 

On Friday my bestie Sabrina and her husband Andrew came to stay with us for a few nights. I was so excited that they were coming to visit me. It was a ton of fun. The night that they got here we went to Lava Hot Springs and went to the hot baths and also the yummy pizza place. I promise James and I don't always eat pizza ha ha. Sabrina and Andrew really enjoyed the hot baths and the town of Lava.

The next day I showed them around my little town and then to the big city of Pocatello. It was a blast. I even took them to a cute little diner that has home cooked meals. 

Later that night we had a football "party" with a ton  of food and we watch BYU play. Go them they won! The Mr. was very happy needless to say. Sabrina and I eventually ventured to my bedroom to watch something other than football and to have some girl time.

The next day (Sunday) was the day that Sabrina and Andrew were leaving but before that Sabrina and I went out to lunch to have a little us time and catch up. We went to a place in Lava Hot Springs it was pretty good food and our waitress was nice but at the same time kind of annoying because we were the only ones there eating. But overall it was a good time.