Goodbyes, Weddings & Grandparents

On Wednesday James and I said goodbye to his brother Brandon who left for a two year LDS mission. He will be serving in the Philippians. I am so excited for him to have this wonderful experience but I'm going to miss him like crazy. He is an awesome brother in law. It was really tough to say goodbye for two years. We all had mixed feelings though that's for sure. 

On Thursday my best friend Sabrina's sister got married in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple. It was a lovely wedding. I was so excited to see my bestie again! It was also another tough goodbye to have to say. What a total bummer. But the wedding was beautiful and I'm so happy for Sarah and Brady they make a cute couple.

On Friday my mommy and I headed down to Saint George to see my grandma! On the way down we stopped at Maverick to get some frozen yogurt. It's tradition because it's oh so yummy! I got Vanilla Bean and Cookies & Cream and my mom got Cheesecake and Cookies & Cream. 

On Saturday morning it was raining but we were blessed to see this beautiful sight at breakfast! A double rainbow. It was spectacular. 

My Grandma took my mom and I out to dinner. We went to Chili's. It was such yummy food. I enjoyed being able to visit with my grandma. Also I enjoyed being able to rest for a little bit.

After dinner we went and got pedicures. I got gold and my mom and grandma got  a pinkish purple color. It was SO relaxing. I was in need of a pedicure so bad. It feels great to have pretty toes again.

Sunday afternoon my mom and I said goodbye to my grandma and my grandpa. It was a wonderful trip and I was thrilled I got to spend some well needed time with my grandma. I love her a whole lot. I really wish I was able to see her more.

Monday morning my dad and grandpa Lamar took me back home to Idaho. I was so excited that my grandpa was going to come and see where I live. He is so cute. He took us to dinner to our favorite restaurant and we had a nice visit. I love him a lot.