Washington Trip Part 2:

Just in case you didn't get enough here is part two of the Washington trip! Aka: The wedding day! It was such a fun day and everything was wonderful. Beautiful flowers, lovely decorations, amazing ceremony and of course a gorgeous bride!

The main reason we even went to Washington was for my best friends wedding! So on Friday us girls (bridesmaids) took her out for her last being "single" night. We got our nails done at this cute little place and after went to dinner at this very delicious Mexican restaurant. It was a lot of fun.

The next day (Saturday) was the big day! First thing in the morning we headed to Starbucks to pick up some yummy drinks. I got a vanilla bean frappe and James got a hot chocolate. The people there were so cute and wrote special things on our cups: Limo Man-James, Maid O' Honor-Me, Bridesmaid-Brooke, Bride-Sabrina, Bridesmaid-Megan. It was something fun and made the day even more memorable.  

Here's a close up of mine and James cups. Isn't that just darling?! All I have to say is my frappe was so yummy and tasted just like it should! James didn't like his hot chocolate too much, he said it was too rich. I'm also not a big fan of Starbucks hot chocolate but man their frappes.. trust me you need to try one if you haven't. ha ha!

Sabrina made such a beautiful bride! I was so proud of her and Andrew. They are perfect for each other. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and very cute. The party to follow was wonderful. All the decorations were amazing and the food was yummy. It was such a beautiful day.