Poor Max & Detox Water

Poor Max is so picked on. I mean come on, who needs baths? Not Max! ha ha. I gave him a bath on Thursday and the poor thing was so mad at me. And here is a picture of him clinging to me like please don't do this! But, I did.. he lost that war. 

Proof. Max had a bath. ha! He has curly hair which is so cute. And now he smells like cherries. Yummy. I just want to squeeze him and sniff him all day ha ha. But as you can tell he's very upset at me. I'm such a horrible master.

But eventually he forgave me. And we caught it on camera. Max likes to cuddle all! Watch out. I'll take cuddling with him any day. He's such a fun and precious dog. 

Lately I've been drinking this detox water. It is very yummy and it works amazingly! I've been peeing like a race horse all the time. I'm less tired, and full of energy. I feel like a better me. It's supposed to also help you lose weight so we will see on that part ha ha. But it's very easy to make too. It's water, strawberries and raspberries. And it taste so good! You can also use blueberries if you'd like.