Back to life: It isn't so bad!

So recently I've signed up for a few survey sites where I can earn a little money. They reward you in gift cards so I've been receiving mine through Amazon and last week I got $35.00! Yippee! Christmas money. If you'd like to join one my favorite is my survey it's easy and doesn't take much time each day!

Yesterday it was raining all day long! And it was cold. Poor Max doesn't like the rain too much so he spent his Friday afternoon sitting here on the porch watching the rain and waiting patiently to stop. It would stop for maybe a minute and he'd run down the stairs onto the grass and run around like crazy then it would start raining again and he'd be back in his spot watching and waiting. It was so stinking cute!

Since it was so rainy and cold I decided I was going to make a up a soup recipe. Needless to say I am a genius! I made a cheesy broccoli potato soup. It was so delicious. And as you can tell I really like my soup cheesy ha ha! I will definitely be making this recipe again. Good thing I have a good memory so I can remember what I did ha ha.

Today I made some Zucchini bread! My grandma gave me the recipe and it is so moist and yummy. I love baking breads it's a lot of fun.