Smokin' Hot Date

On Saturday my sweet, sweet husband took me out on a hot date! It was a nice reward for all our hard work we've been doing around the house lately. It had been awhile since we had been on a date. But it was definitely worth the wait! I had such a blast!
First James too me out to dinner at this delicious new Mexican restaurant in Pocatello. I can't remember the name, but trust me it was very good! The service wasn't that great, but that's okay. We will probably return sometime soon. James had a steak barbacoa burrito, with some rice and beans. He said it was soo yummy!

I enjoyed a glass of sprite, two beef enchiladas, some delicious rice and yummy beans! Oh and I also enjoyed some delicious chips and salsa. Yummy! With the salsa they brought out some bean dip which was heavenly. 

We had so much food that we got stuffed so of course we had leftovers.. which was great to enjoy the next day! Oh just thinking about the food my mouth is watering and I am hungry!

After dinner we went miniature golfing. It was so cool it was black-light golfing, so everything glowed in the dark. They had put a lot of detail into the miniature golf course. It was incredible.

James is very good at golfing.. he got a hole in one of the very first hole! Me.. not so much ha ha.

The golf course had three different areas. 1. A jungle theme, 2. Underwater, shark theme, 3. A dinosaur theme. It was awesome! This is also a place we will be returning to.

Here is James being a dork and petting the dino with his club. Like I said they had put SO much detail into this course. It was a blast.

And here I am being a nerd acting like I'm being attacked by a mean dinosaur ha ha. 

After mini golf we went and got some delicious ice cream! I totally spaced getting a picture of it but that's okay! James had a Snickers bar ice cream, and I had a butterfingers bar. Yummy!

It was such a fun date and I am so grateful to my husband for taking me out. He's so thoughtful and it was very cute how excited he was to do so. I love him lots!