New Kicks, Friends & Yuminess!

So my brother is pretty awesome and scored some pretty awesome deals on some new shoes for the hubs and I! And needless to say, they look super stylish and are the best of the best!
These are my new Nike watermelon work out running whatever I want to do shoes! They were only $30.00 dollars! What a steal huh!?

These are James new Nike basketball shoes. Apparently they are the best kind of basketball shoe you can get and the best part they were a steal of a deal and only $35.00 dollars!

On Sunday my sweet, sweet friend Shikira was able to stop by and visit me on her way home from her vacation. It has been YEARS since I had seen her so I was very thrilled when she was able to stop by for a visit. It was great to catch up and visit for awhile. Love this girl!

We were able to harvest our first batch of carrots! They are so yummy and cute! Yes, I said cute. I think baby carrots especially mine are cute ha ha.

We also got a TON of pea's this time. They are delicious! I absolutely love pea's and they remind me of my grandpa Pete. 

ALSO! We have grapes on the vines. This is the first year that there has ever been grapes. James grandpa was thrilled when we sent him this picture and let him know. I'm way excited to taste them once they are ready! I'm very proud of our garden and our awesome gardening skills. *BRAGGING MOMENT!*