Let's get physical, physical!

The title of this post might catch you off guard but, hey it has a good meaning for last week! It was filled with lots and lots of yard work (yuck!) running through the sprinklers, seeing Soda Springs, Chesterfield and ending with welcoming home some awesome people! 
This is James in our HUGE garden ha ha. Yes he is holding a machete aka a cutlass. He got that while on his mission in Africa! It's what they used to cut grass, weed and kill nasty things. At first I was unsure of him having this in our home but he has hid it far away in a safe place and needless to say last week it was very, very useful. It chopped down those weed in our garden quickly! When we got to our new home the garden was out of control and we didn't have much time to weed if we wanted to plant this year so we semi weeded and went ahead and planted.. needless to say the weeds took over more than they had already and now we are overwhelmed. We got a lot done but there is still so much to do. All I have to say is I have learned when I move again I don't want this big of a garden ha ha. Along with weeding and making our garden pretty we re-weeded our front and side flowerbeds to make them look so pretty! If you'd like a picture of what they look like and how beautiful they are just let me know, I'd be happy to share and write a post on that.

It's been super hot lately! We have a swimming pool but the cover blew off and wont stay on so it has gotten pretty dang dirty. Not only that it has a hole which we can't find so it's sort of a lost cause. But hey thank goodness someone invented the sprinkler! It was just what we needed to cool down and really enjoy summer. As you can tell we were having so much fun! This turned into a water fight though. All us girls ganged up on Seth to get him wet! But that plan backfired because he then returned with the hose to get us wet. It was a blast though and a memory that we will have for forever!

Welcome to Soda Springs! My mom had never been there at least from what she could remember so we decided to go there and snoop around town. It is such a cute little place. But what most people don't know is that Soda Springs has a geyser!

We decided we would go and check it out! It shot so high and lasted a long time. It was incredible to see. Although it did smell like rotten eggs but you know that's a okay. The nieces and nephew thought it was awesome. This geyser was cold water which was incredible because normally they are hot water. The history behind this geyser is pretty awesome also.

After Soda Springs we headed on up to Chesterfield to tour the ghost town. Chesterfield is special to James and I because that is where James family is from! The picture above is us in the Rugar Dugout which I talked about before. The kids loved touring Chesterfield and learning the history there. Also getting an old fashioned soda might of been a bonus! 

This is James mission president and his wife! They came home a few weeks ago and on Sunday they had their homecoming. It was great to meet them after hearing so many stories. As you can tell they were very excited to see James again! 

And there you have it.. the end of last week! Hopefully you can understand why I didn't blog. There was absolutely no time with all the running around and having fun!