Idaho is fun.

Aren't these some of the coolest flowers you have ever seen? That's what I thought while Max and I went for one of our many cruisin' the town trips today. So I decided to snap a picture of them.. which apparently wasn't that good of an idea. I was greeted oh so very nicely by a friendly rattle snake. Yippee! Needless to say, I didn't know I could run that fast nor pick Max up that fast. I booked it back to the mule (which is like a spruced up golf cart) and we were on our way. I will now be "on guard" when taking pictures out here in good ol' Idaho. ha ha. I guess it does make for a better story though right?

I have always thought farm land was very beautiful but I never new how pretty and neat it really could be. I love that I live in such an amazing place where I get to watch things change daily. It is so fascinating to see all the farmers doing their jobs. There are so many different ones around here. My favorite farm work to watch though it definitely them collecting the hay! I never knew how awesome it was. It is nothing like the movies though, that is for sure! But it is simply beautiful. God did a great job when he created farm land that's for sure! What a great blessing.

I mean look how beautiful this view is! I love seeing cows, horses, chickens, sheep and goats. They all have many different personalities and are so fun to watch! You can't really tell but there are cows in this picture ha ha. I just love this view and I get to see it everyday! I'm super duper lucky. If I move out of Idaho this will for sure be a view that I will miss seeing every day. I have really taken a liking to this place.

Another thing I love about Idaho is Mr. Max. He is so stinkin' cute! I love the way he sits on my bed sometimes and just stares at me. He does this a lot while I'm blogging. Sometimes I do wish I knew what was going on in his head though.

Jame and I played Yahtzee the other day, and I totally kicked his butt! I scored 507 because I got my bonus on the top and three Yahtzee's! Which never happens. I feel pretty darn proud of myself so I decided I need to blog about it and have a bragging moment. And yes, I did add a black arrow to the picture to point out my awesome score for you all to see.