Freebies & Bacon Tongues

I love free things! It's amazing! the other day I went to the mail box an I had a package. I thought that it was something I ordered for a Christmas present but no it was a free sample of Physicians Formula B.B make-up! Hey, I'll take free make-up any day. I don't remember signing up for this freebie, well sort of. But When I did I thought it would be a tiny sample size not a full size! But I will be enjoying this bad boy.

I found this site called RueLaLa and if you signed up you got a free $25 dollar credit. So I used mine to get some FREE well needed yoga pants. These are like my all time favorite things. I used to own two pairs but I wore them so much that they both got holes and I had to throw them away. BUMMER. But I did have them for about two years. So at least they lasted awhile. I just love the comfort of them. And I'm lazy..

I also signed James up for RueLaLa and got these beautiful plates! I'm so excited for them to show up. They are very pretty and definitely my personality. 

Max has decided that bacon dog treats are his favorite thing ever! But he has to eat them outside ha ha. (His choice not mine..) Every time I give him one it looks like he has a long tongue sticking out it's hilarious. I love this pup, he's so cute!

Well, that's that.. as you can tell I'm a freebie addict. ha. And Max is a bacon addict. Ain't nothing wrong with that though eh?