Memorial Day

For Memorial Day James and I went out to Chesterfield Idaho to do some service work. Which was awesome and well worth it. We ventured out there with his great-uncle who ended up buying us some delicious lunch that included water, a hamburger, chips and potato salad. I ate James share of the potato salad seeing as how he doesn't like it. But I think I get the better end of the deal. Yum-mo! You're probably wondering what is Chesterfield and what service did you do? Chesterfield is an old "ghost" town. Aka, a pioneer stopping point. So there is a little town out there will all these old houses that are being fixed up so they can do tours and stuff. They also often do shows out there in the "meeting hall" ex: piano performances, singing, dancing and I've heard even some talent shows. The service work we did was to set up the Ruger Dugout with all the furniture and decorations to make it available for tours later that day.

This is what the Ruger Dugout looks like. This is the front. It has an upstairs and a downstairs. The downstairs in actually in the ground.. thus that's where it gets it's name "dugout." I'm not exactly sure when they started fixing it on up and such but it looks great now! there is even a garden in the back. Prop to James grandma on being a rock star and getting this place all fancy and pretty.

Here is where you can go pee or poop if you so choose! It is working, I promise. I didn't try it out but I know they clean it and they even supply toilet paper. It's also BRAND NEW! James brother Brandon built this bad boy for his Eagle Scout project uh.. I think 2 years ago. James and I and his family came up to Idaho for a quick weekend trip to help build this and place it. That was a long hot day! But here it stands.

Here's James and I after the long day of getting everything ready and the tours started! It was a hot day so we were all stinky and sweaty by the end but it was well worth it! 

We even got this little thank you pin! Oh and when we received this the lady was so cute. She stopped to tell me how beautiful I was! Needless to say it TOTALLY made my day!